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Burnside Heritage Mural Project

About the Burnside Heritage Mural

Designed by renowned mural artist Frank Lewis, the Burnside Heritage Mural gives us glimpses into the area's history - from early inhabitants, through colonial times, expanding settlement and into the present day. Installed by community volunteers in 2006 under Frank's direction, the Burnside Heritage Mural is both a window into our past and a beautiful addition to the Burnside Gorge community.

First Nations

The first image is of a Coast Salish fishing canoe in Selkirk water.


The life cycle of the salmon which lived in Cecelia Creek is shown. The adult salmon are swimming upstream to span and the young are shown returning to the ocean.

A Pioneer Family

In 1852, John Work retired from the Hudson's Bay Company and bought 600 acres to the north of the fort and started the Hillside farm. He is pictured here, with his Métis wife, Josette Lagace. John (actually probably his wife) had ten children.

The British Navy

In the next grouping, the Works are shown with their daughter Cecelia, for whom the creek and ravine are named. There are no pictures of Cecelia before her marriage, so she is painted here in shadow. The navy lieutenant's hat shown with the grouping represents Lieutenant Richard Charles Mayne, who felt that the long hike from Esquimalt in his sea boots was well worth it for the few hours of pleasant conversation by the Work's warm fire. He was a frequent visitor.