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Gorge Waterway

The Gorge Waterway is a gem in the City of Victoria both for its recreational offerings and its utility as a working harbour.

The Gorge Waterway Initiative is a collaborative effort to protect and maintain the health of our waterways. They have a number of very valuable resources which we've linked to below for your reference. 

Who To Call: From spills to harassed wildlife to badly behaved boaters, this is the go-to for determining who to call in the event of incidents on or near the water. 

Estuaries: What they are, what purpose they serve and how you can help.

Birds on the Gorge: A who's who of birds on the Gorge, species at risk, invasive species and how you can help. 

Gorge Waterway Initiative: This brochure provides a great overview of the GWI, its priorities and how you can get involved. 

To learn more about the GWI, please see their website.