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Help end graffiti and beautify our Burnside Gorge neighbourhood

Under the Graffiti Bylaw, the City of Victoria requires owners or occupiers of private property to remove graffiti from their property when it occurs.
The bylaw provides the City with the powers to enforce removal. If after receiving notice from the city, an owner or occupier does not take action to remove graffiti, the City may remove it at the owner’s expense.

The majority of graffiti taggers are under the age of 18. Parents should be alert to signs that their son or daughter might be tagging such as: spray paint on hands or clothes, possessing cans of spray paint or thick felt markers or sketch books where they draw a particular style tag or graffiti style sign. Youth may tell their parents that they only draw on “free walls” however there are very few recognized free walls in the City of Victoria.

If you think that your son or daughter might be tagging, you may contact the Police non-emergency number for support or email Sean Hand, Burnside Gorge Community Resource Officer, at

What can you do when graffiti occurs?

Report: If you observe graffiti in progress, call the Police at 911. Describe the location and provide a description of the offender. Do not confront
vandals who are engaging in graffiti.

If your business or property is the victim of graffiti, report it to the Police by calling the non-emergency number at 250-995-7654. Inform your neighbours that you have been a victim of graffiti.

If graffiti occurs on property other than your own, report it:

  • On public property, such as light poles, litter containers, benches and signs call City of Victoria Graffiti Hotline at 250-361-0466
  • On BC Hydro poles or electrical kiosks call BC Hydro at 1-800-224-9376
  • On cable distribution boxes call Shaw Cable at 250-475-5655
  • On telephone distribution boxes call Telus at 250-388-8617
  • On Canada Post boxes call Canada Post Customer Service at 1-888-550-6333
  • On private properties, other than your own, call City of Victoria Bylaw Enforcement at 250-361-0215
  • On the Galloping Goose Trail call CRD Regional Parks at 250-478-3344

Record: If you are a victim of graffiti it is important that you record the damage. Photographs will provide evidence should the responsible
party be found and prosecuted. The Victoria Police Department can provide you with a “Mischief Statement” that may aid you in recovering your costs to deal with the vandalism in the event of a successful prosecution.

Remove: Failure to remove graffiti leaves an impression that no one cares about our community. The sooner graffiti is removed, the less likely the location will be a target of continued vandalism. By removing or painting over graffiti you will discourage further graffiti from occurring. Graffiti vandals want their vandalism to be seen. Once they realize that their graffiti is removed quickly from a location, they will likely move on to other locations. It may take several removals to deter the vandals - however, patience and persistence will pay off.

What can you do to prevent graffiti from occurring?

  • Restrict access to exterior walls of your building by planting thorny bushes or erecting barriers
  • Increase lighting in vulnerable areas to discourage vandals after dark
  • Use graffiti resistant coatings on exterior walls to aid in cleanup
  • If you know of someone who has committed an act of graffiti vandalism, report them to the Victoria Police Department or Crime Stoppers (250-386-8477)
  • Encourage your neighbours to watch for and report graffiti vandals

Graffiti cleanup events

In partnership with the City of Victoria, we host neighbourhood graffiti cleanup events to remove and paint over graffiti in the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood. We also have pole-painting kits residents can take home to cover up graffiti on utility poles. 

If you would like to receive information about the next graffiti cleanup event in Burnside Gorge or suggest an area in need of cleanup, please contact Rachel at 250-388-5251 or for more information.

Everyone is welcome to participate - residents, families, businesses and offices in the neighbourhood.