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On Board: with Michelle Peterson, Board of Directors Secretary

Our family consists of myself, my husband Mike, our twin 6 year old boys Callum and Riley, our two rescue cats and our big dog Teddy. I’m sure more people recognize our Teddy than me (walking a VERY big dog = meeting LOTS of neighbours, lol). I love how I’ve gotten to meet and know so many people in our neighbourhood. I became connected to this community through my job in 1998 and have stayed connected ever since. My husband and I moved into this neighbourhood in 2006 and brought our newborn babies home to this community in 2007. 

I’ve lived in a lot of Victoria neighbourhoods over many years and I’ve never lived anywhere where there is such a strong loyalty and identity to a community. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere like that and I’m glad that we do – there is such a strong sense of belonging here in the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood. I’ve met people who have lived in this community all their lives – growing up as children, moving away and then coming back because it is part of who they are – I like that and want to live somewhere that inspires that type of deep connection. I’ve watched this community grow over the past 16 years I’ve been connected to it (yes, 16 years – wow) and I’m amazed at how it’s growing into something so rich and strong.

I’ve been constantly inspired by the BGCA’s creativity and innovation in meeting the needs of this community, which motivated me to join the Board in 2006. I believe passionately in the power of community and I want to be part of that movement in our neighbourhood. My vision is a safe, secure, diversified and innovative community and I think we are moving closer and closer to that all the time. How do I know? When we first moved here in 2006 at Halloween we had about 5 kids. Last year? Too many to count! Kids, families and friends out on the street at night, tons of creative decorated yards, people connecting, having fun, being together. That is only one indicator that tells me we are on the right path.

"On Board" is a column published in our bi-monthly newsletter, The Burnside Gorge Community News.

Articles will feature news from our Board of Directors including info about their roles and work in supporting the Burnside Gorge community. Visit “On Board” to read more.

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