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Multiple birth play group is double the fun

Michelle Peterson, President, Vancouver Island Multiple Birth Association

How many babies can you fit on a playmat? At the NIMBY (not in my backyard) playgroup run by VIMBA it can be a lot of babies! The Vancouver Island Multiple Births Association runs a bi-weekly playgroup for their members every second Friday at the Burnside Gorge Community Centre and in partnership with the BGCA, is open to non members of VIMBA who have multiples and wish to meet up with other parents of multiples.

NIMBY is a great place to come when you are expecting multiples, have new babies or toddlers. It provides an opportunity to connect with other families of multiples, talk about parenting multiples and if you are expecting multiples to ask questions of other parents.

VIMBA is a volunteer organization by multiple births families for multiple birth families and has been in existence for over 20 years in the Victoria area. They provide support and opportunities to connect with other multiple birth families. VIMBA offers a number of supports and fun events throughout the year for its members such as:

VIMBA Online Network - It can be a real struggle being a parent of multiples, particularly in the beginning, to connect with other parents of multiples for support. When your babies first come home it can be a challenge to even get a shower or something to eat during the day much less get out and connect with other parents of multiples for support! Imagine a Facebook but only for VIMBA members....that is what our VIMBA network is and it’s a wonderful tool. 

It can be tough to get out of the house sometimes to connect with other parents, talk about how you are doing, what to do, what is normal, ask questions, etc particularly when faced with new babies schedules! The VIMBA Network is available 24-7 and provides an online forum where you can get that support you need.

NIMBY (Not in my Backyard) Playgroup NIMBY is for moms, toddlers and babies! Come and let your toddlers play or bring your babies and have an opportunity to spend some time with other moms!

Preemie Support - We have a group of parents who have experienced having premature multiples who are willing to offer their support to new parents of preemies.

Library - VIMBA has a library with an extensive selection of books and tapes dealing specifically with the challenges and joys of having multiples. These books and tapes are available to any member, at no cost, for a loan period of one month.

New Parents Meals - Once you get home from the hospital, contact our New Parents Meals coordinator to have some meals delivered to your door to help out in those early days!

Kids Mega Sale - VIMBA is renowned for its clothing and equipment sales held four times a year at Pearkes Arena. Members sell clothing, toys, equipment and other miscellaneous items that their children have outgrown. These sales are a major fundraiser for the club and for the members who sell items. The sales are open to the general public; they are very popular and successful.

Special Events - Perhaps the most favorite events of VIMBA are the special occasions. The Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Easter Egg Hunt, Camping Trip and the Family Picnic are annual events that involve the whole family. These events are well attended and enjoyed by everyone . Be prepared - there are lots of kids!

Throughout the year there are also several “adult only” events including Moms’ Retreat, Mother’s Day Lunch, Moms’ Shopping Trip, Movie Night, Dad’s Night Out and Bowling Night - parents need time off too!

Newsletter - “Twincerely Yours” VIMBA’s newsletter is published and mailed or emailed to the membership every month except January and August. The newsletter includes updates on all club activities, minutes of the monthly executive and general meetings, a calendar of upcoming events, reports on recent activities, new families and new births in our club, helpful hints, Member family profiles, classified ads and many more exciting items.

For more information on VIMBA go to their website or email