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Official Community Plan - City of Victoria

Victoria's Official Community Plan

In 2012, after hearing from more than 4,700 people, the City of Victoria adopted the Official Community Plan (OCP). The plan provides direction for growth and change in Victoria over the next 30 years to move towards a more sustainable community. Council, staff, the business community and citizens refer to the OCP for guidance on decisions such as where to locate housing and businesses, when to repair and replace the city’s aging infrastructure, and how the city will respond to climate change.

The OCP focuses future population growth and new housing in the downtown and urban core area and throughout neighbourhood villages and town centres. Focusing density in these areas allows for services and daily needs to be provided within a short walk from home and supports a community where people are less reliant on cars.

Click here to view the City of Victoria's Official Community Plan.

From April to June 2011, the community was asked to provide feedback on this draft plan.

Click here to view the Burnside Gorge Community Association's response to the City of Victoria's Draft Official Community Plan.