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Success Stories | Family Self-Sufficiency

FSS Participant Journeys
The following are the art work and life stories of FSS Program Graduates, filled with courage, struggle, humour, and dedication. FSS Participants have perhaps taught us as much as they have learned throughout the course of the Program. Such is the nature of healthy interdependency. Courageous human beings are best able to succeed and grow when they are free to choose their destiny and be respected as individuals. Our deepest heartfelt gratitude to every one who allowed us to share their journeys.

Journeys - Pilot (2002-2005) 74.27 KB
Journeys - Phase II (2005-2008)9.16 MB
Journeys - Phase III (2008-2011)813.11 KB
Journeys - Phase IV (2011-2014)3.72 MB
Journeys - Phase V (2015-2017).pdf2.89 MB