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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming youth programs.
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Check out our Children's Programs for ages 16 months and up! 

Be sure to also visit our Special Events page for info about our community and family events. \

Parents please note: 

Staff will take all precautions necessary to protect the health and safety of the program participants while in any program. If youth are unable to act responsibly, they may be asked to leave. Youth are unrestricted from coming or leaving and we can not be responsible for youth once they have left the premises. 

KATS (Kids at Tennis)

The Society for Kids at Tennis (KATS, provides free tennis lessons and equipment to families experiencing financial barriers (application required). Using the “progressive tennis” approach recommended by Tennis Canada, the KATS program uses smaller racquets, smaller courts, lower nets and low compression balls. This approach helps kids to develop confidence in their ability to hit the ball, learn quickly, and most of all, have fun playing the sport!  Kids will be introduced to the fundamental skills which form the foundation for future development. Please contact your local community centre for application information and forms.  Programs do not run on stat holidays. 

Location:  Banfield Park Tennis Courts 

Tennis (5-8 yrs)

M April 1 – May 27 4pm – 5pm 8/Free    No class April 22 & May 21

M June 3 – July 29 4pm – 5pm 8/Free No class Jul 2

M Aug 12 – Sept 23 4pm – 5pm 7/Free No class Sep 2

Tennis (9-13 yrs)

M April 2 – May 27 5pm – 6pm 8/Free    No class April 22 & May 21

M June 4 – July 29 5pm – 6pm 8/Free No class Jul 2

M Aug 13 – Sept 23 5pm – 6 pm 7/Free No class Sep 2


Cliffside Youth Drop-In (10 – 18 yrs)

Bring your friends or meet new ones at the Cliffside Youth Centre.  Activities include pool, air hockey, and foosball.  Watch movies on a big screen in our unique theatre or join us on an out-trip to places about town. For more information on the Youth Drop-In nights contact Jaz Young, Youth Recreation Coordinator, 250-388-5251.  

Th        April – Sept          5:30pm – 8:30pm          Free


Safe KIDS Program (5-10 years)

KIDS = Keeping children Informed, Defensible, and Safer. We enlighten, not frighten. Topics include: Child's 6 special powers, street safety, lost/in trouble rules, safe places, 'my body' rules, good/bad touching, realistic physical and verbal strategies. Parent attendance mandatory. 

Instructor: Sheepdog Self-Protection Inc. 

Sa July 13 1pm - 2pm 1/$25


French Tutoring 

Struggling with an assignment?  Want to boost your grade? Join us Monday afternoons for some French tutoring / group help. 

Fr          Mar 8 – June 7       4:30pm – 5:30pm          $5 Drop-In


Medicine Bags Workshop (10- 18 yrs)

Learn about the meanings, uses and stories behind many ancient First Nations medicines. In this workshop you will get to make your own bag, learn what to harvest and put in it; You will also see many examples of different Medicines. This group will be opened and closed with a Native hand drum song performed by your facilitator. Instructor Aurora Finkle

Sat        May 4-11       3pm - 5:30pm            2/$40

Sat        May 18          10am – 3pm (Witty’s Lagoon – Transportation provided) 1/$60


Mini Button Blanket Workshop (10-18 yrs)

In this workshop you will learn the legends, teachings, uses and meanings behind some of the First Nations sacred animals. You will learn what a Button Blanket is and why it is used. Everyone will make a Mini Button Blanket to take home with them. This group will be opened and closed with a Native hand drum song performed by your facilitator. Instructor Aurora Finkle

Sat         June 1-8           3pm - 5:30pm 2/$40

Sat         June 15             10am – 3pm (Witty’s Lagoon – Transportation provided) 1/$60


Piano For Kids (6-12 yrs)

A creative and fun approach to learning about music and the keyboard while developing good technique, rhythm and basic note reading and composing skills.  Each class is tailored to the needs of different age groups.  You do not need a piano at home to participate.  Lesson is semi-private

Facilitated by PJ Music Studio

Fri         April 5 – May 10     10:45 am-11:15 am 5/$60

Fri         May 17 – June 14   10:45 am-11:15 am 5/$60

No classes April 19